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Emily StuparykEmily Margaret (Milka) Stuparyk is an animal lover who currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with her husband James, and her pet rabbit Yogi. She had written two books, her first on pet loss and the second dealing with surviving the suicide of a friend. She is current working on her next book of real life rabbit stories.


Emily StuparykMy Animal Friends

These are the animals that I have known and loved. Raggylug, a year old Mini Lop, was adopted from a shelter on June 14, 2005. She's a perfect friend! All of the other animals pictured here have sadly crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. They were all very loving, devoted, happy, and brave animal friends. A day doesn't go by that they aren't loved, fondly remembered, and deeply missed. May they forever rest in peace in the safe and gentle hands of God. Some of these animals are memorialized in the poems of my book.

Precious Poochie 1992-1997


Beautiful Bidsey 1993-2002

Gorgeous Thumper Bumper 1995-2004

Whitey and Brownie, my beloved childhood rabbit friends

Sweet Timothy 1982-1987

Loving Thumper 1981-1992

Jodie, my beloved childhood
Jack Russell Terrier

Snowy, an Eastern Cottontail rescued on March 15, 1997 and released back into the wild on April 20, 1997

Marco & Magna, my sweet little guinea pigs

Tweety Bird

Dear Little Suzy Bear 2004-2005

Seasons of Healing - A Suicide Survivor’s Notebook

Seasons of Healing -
A Suicide Survivor’s Notebook

by Emily Margaret Stuparyk
  When Only The Love Remains - The Pain of Pet Loss

When Only The Love Remains -
The Pain of Pet Loss

by Emily Margaret Stuparyk
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