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Emily StuparykEmily Margaret (Milka) Stuparyk is an animal lover who currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with her husband James, and her pet rabbit Yogi. She had written two books, her first on pet loss and the second dealing with surviving the suicide of a friend. She is current working on her next book of real life rabbit stories.


Endorsements for "Seasons of Healing - A Suicide Survivor’s Notebook"

  • "In this deeply moving book, Ms. Emily Stuparyk gives voice to her pain in all its dimensions through a collection of poems and text that touch upon almost every aspect of the struggle of coping with the suicide of a loved one. Her poems and writings address not only the profound feelings of loss, but the less acknowledged feelings of betrayal and anger, the complications of coping with the reactions of others to one’s grief and confusion, the existential crisis posed by suicide, and the agony of dealing with the often unanswerable questions such as, “Why did this happen?“ “Why didn’t I see it coming?” and “What could I have done to prevent it?”
    Dr. Aphrodite Matsakis, Ph.D.,
    Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Internationally recognized trauma specialist

Endorsements for "When Only the Love Remains"

  • "I laughed, I cried, I was uplifted! When Only The Love Remains was extraordinary and brought back powerful memories and emotions into my consciousness. This is a book you'll want not only for yourself, but for every pet lover who has faced the loss of a four-legged family member."
    - Dr. Marty Becker, DVM, coauthor of 'Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul'

  • "The poems in When Only The Love Remains are written with a warmth and honesty that plumb the depths of the grieving heart."
    - Mary Montgomery, author of 'GoodBye My Friend: Grieving the Loss of a Pet'

  • "To help her deal with the loss of Poochie, Emily turned to poetry, creating a volume of poems that not only offers a grand memorial to Poochie, but expresses all the emotions she felt on the loss of Poochie. How wonderful to find others who understand, have been through loss of and grieving for an animal, and who can help one bring these feelings out where they can be acknowledged and eventually healed."
    - Rita M. Reynolds, author of 'Blessing the Bridge: What Animals Teach Us About Death, Dying, and Beyond'

  • "Emily, through her poetry, provides a thoughtful, sensitive, and highly introspective account of her experience of coping with the loss of her beloved companion animal. Emily's description of her passage through grief will touch the lives of those who read her poetry and aid them to experience their grief, to the extent that is warranted, considering the depth of the loss. May Poochie continue to touch the heart and soul of others, as she did yours."
    - Dr. Cindy Adams, M.S.W.,Ph.D., Human Animal Relations Specialist of the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph

  • "The pain of Emily's loss is almost palpable as one reads her poems. Her work is a strong testament to the depth of the bond that exists between an individual and their pet."
    - Vicki Burns, Executive Director of the Winnipeg Humane Society in Manitoba, Canada

Editorial Reviews of "When Only the Love Remains"

  • "Emily Stuparyk's book of poems is a poignant remembrance of the life and death of her pet rabbit Poochie. Her poems vividly describe her love for Poochie and her anguish at her sudden death. She has captured both the exquisite pleasure of loving an animal companion and all that brings on a daily basis, as well as the agony of losing that companion. Her pain is almost palpable as one reads through the book. Anyone who has experienced the death of a beloved pet will relate to the words and the emotions they convey. This book may help others who are trying to work through their own grief at their pet's death."
    - Vicki Burns, Executive Director, The Winnipeg Humane Society, MB, Canada

  • "Emily's poignant book of poems, honoring her relation with her pet rabbit Poochie, reached the depths of my heart. As a pet loss counselor, I have used 'When Only the Love Remains' in my pet loss seminars and found it to be both helpful and uplifting to clients. Let's hope that Ms. Stuparyk doesn't make us wait too long before she writes another uplifting book."
    - Judith Tobin, Pet Loss Counselor, Miami, Florida

  • "Through poems that allow us to glimpse her rabbit Poochie's spirit and personality, she evokes pictures of our own losses."
    - Kristi Dorian, writer for The Aquarian, Wpg, MB, Canada Spring 2000

  • "...Emily makes a public offering of her personal struggle, allowing herself to fully mourn the loss of her beloved Poochie."
    - Jo Marchant, editor of "The Bunny Thymes", Ottawa, ON, Canada

  • "The human-animal bond is a strong force that is not easily broken, and when that force is breached by the death of a beloved companion animal, the human heart and spirit undergo a tremendous assault. Emily's collection of poems are a must read for anyone who has suffered the loss of an animal companion."
    - Edward Zapletal, editor of PETS magazine, Nov/Dec, 2000

  • "Through reading Emily's experiences I draw comfort in knowing that these thoughts are such a part of us all! The need for "reconnecting" in one of her passages, where one wants "just one more touch, one more day" is so true. Moreover, the constant reassurance that God is watching over our beloved pets is something I think of each day. Why shouldn't they be looked after as we hope for ourselves, for they are such aninnocent life. I guess, death in all its darkness, appears to make us all more compassionate and honest with each other. At least I would hope. I know I am a better person to have shared my life with my Benjamin bunny, who reminded me throughout his days, of the REAL definition of humanity. And in his memory, I wish to thank-you, Emily, for doing the work that you do!"
    - Reviewer: Carole Valley-Pryce from Canada

  • "In this sensitive and honest work, the author shares her truest feelings about losing her beloved pet. Her feelings show us that having an animal loss (as opposed to human loss) in one's life does not diminish it's intensity or grief. The bond between animal and human is so great (in the shamanistic sense, the rabbit has become her power animal) that upon losing the pet, she has lost a part of herself. As with a human loss, another rabbit cannot replace the one who has died. She shows us how she passes from one stage of grief to another. In time, she realizes that Poochie, the rabbit never left her side and her memories enable her to go on with her life. This book is the most beautifully sensitive account of one's experience with pet loss. As the poems are written straight from the heart, you will laugh and cry as you learn how Poochie made such a great impact on the author's life."
    - Marinda Stretavsky from Pittsburgh, PA

  • "Emily has written this book of poetry with love - she understands the pain of pet loss that every person who loves a pet will eventually experience. She takes the reader on a journey, recognizable by all of us, through the pain, the anger, the denial, and the guilt we feel when our beloved companion animals go to the "Rainbow Bridge". I was comforted to know that the emotions I felt at the loss of my Smokey had also been felt by Emily. Readers will be comforted to know that they are not alone in their grief. As I continued to read these beautiful tributes to "Poochie", I could feel the love pouring off of the pages as Emily, and I, remembered with love, our beloved furbabies. Although I shed tears as I read this book, these tears were healing and I felt as if Emily was there, by my side, as some of the pain ebbed away. By the end of the book, I felt as if Emily had also been there, supporting me, as I remembered my Smokey with happy memories and smiles. Thank you Emily for putting into such beautiful words the love that will always remain in our hearts."
    - Terry Hickey, Halton/Peel PLSG from Canada

  • "It was so hard dealing with the tragic loss of our beloved rabbit 'Bunny'. I was especially drawn to the book because the author wrote the book while also dealing with the loss of her pet rabbit. Stuparyk was able to convey in words, what everyone dealing with pet loss endures. I found extreme comfort from each and every poem and could wholeheartedly relate to all of her feelings. I recommend this to anyone dealing with the loss of their furry friend."
    - Mary Giraldo from Land O'Lakes, Florida

  • "Emily's personal experience of grief and sharing the rawness of emotion gives others permission to feel their grief. Her profound understanding of the grief experience gives others validation."
    - Elizabeth Allan, public health nurse from White Rock, BC, Canada

  • "The author could have been writing about my own pet. Her sincere, honest portrayal of her feelings touched me so much that I was able to write down my own feelings about a much loved and missed pet. It was like she knew me and my pet. I could feel the pain of her loss--it matched mine. Her book gave me so many things to think about. I recommend this book highly and plan to share it with others who need help in healing from the loss of a pet."
    - Cynthia Lindsay from Lawrenceville, Georgia

  • "My beloved kitty companion of nine years died suddenly on Sept.16, 2004. The totally unexpected loss of Sugarpuss is a terrible shock. I read most of this book in one sitting, crying, as in my mind, I put my kitty in the place of Stuparyk's beloved rabbit, Poochie, who also died on Sept.16, seven years ago. The poems are moving, especially the final one entitled When Only the Love Remains. I also very much identify with the poem when the author wishes for one more chance to hold her bunny alive again, which is how I feel about my Sugarpuss. I know I will go to this book again over the next several weeks. I would particularly recommend this book for someone who feels grief, but also who has problems expressing it, or who feels funny about being so emotional over the loss of a companion animal."
    - Mskitty from Petersburg, Virginia

Seasons of Healing - A Suicide Survivor’s Notebook

Seasons of Healing -
A Suicide Survivor’s Notebook

by Emily Margaret Stuparyk
  When Only The Love Remains - The Pain of Pet Loss

When Only The Love Remains -
The Pain of Pet Loss

by Emily Margaret Stuparyk
© Emily Margaret Stuparyk. All Rights Reserved.